Reflections on 2019

We're grateful for the challenges and successes that have gotten us here.

Looking back, we knew we were on the right path, but we had no idea how momentous this year would be. Since Unite Us was founded more than six years ago, our partners from multiple sectors around the country—government, business, medical, and social care—have been working collaboratively with one goal in mind: improve health outcomes for people by shortening the time it takes to complete a care referral and ensuring that people actually receive the services they need. As more partners join Unite Us to transform care delivery in this country, we’re proving that our solution is the key to scalable and sustainable change.

These are our four main takeaways from 2019:

Our vision has become a reality.

Lots of companies claim to do what we do, but we’ve been setting the standard from the beginning. We were addressing the social determinants of health before the term was popularized. We figured out the best way to integrate person-centered care, and now that our solution’s caught on, we’re partnering with some of the most innovative change-makers across the country.

We’re ahead of the curve.

Our founders have been hard at work building a solution that facilitates care and aligns cross-sector partners. Together, Dan Brillman and Taylor Justice provide the visionary leadership necessary to propel healthcare transformation towards a truly collaborative ecosystem that connects health and social care providers – a national digital infrastructure. They are laser-focused on what really matters: improving health outcomes for the people who need it most while having the data to back it up.

We’ve built a team of visionaries across the country.

It takes courage and determination to change mindsets and flip an entire industry. Those are the qualities our partners share and the reason we’ve been able to accomplish so much together in the past year. We value the relationships we have with the people we work with; what we do wouldn’t be successful if they weren’t authentic. Our partnerships are built on trust so the impact we have together will last.

We're connecting humans to humans.

At Unite Us, we all come to work with one goal in mind: using person-centered technology to help people. Simple, seamless access to the right service providers in communities means people receive a home, a meal, or the funds to cover their utility bill. Many of us have experienced the impact of a fragmented care delivery system and we’re dedicated to fixing it. Our team builds and implements our technology with real people in mind so that true health and social care coordination can happen. This way, we all have the opportunity to thrive.

From industries to individuals, we know how to drive change.

We’re transcending silos and states to ensure that wherever people are, and whenever they present a need, there’s a system in place for them. No barriers, no boundaries. We can’t wait to see where this takes us.

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