COVID-19 Response: How Unite Us is Supporting Our Communities

We are reminded now, more than ever, of the urgency of reliable public health infrastructure to support the immediate needs of individuals while also preparing for a long-term solution as needs evolve. Our team has been in contact with government, health plans, health systems, and community leaders across the country on how we can assist in addressing the need for an integrated community-level response that will set communities up for short and long-term support.

Our customer success team deployed across the country is working deeply with our networks to support capacity management in real-time. We are working closely with all partners and helping each organization keep their capacity and programs up-to-date as the situation develops. This is action critical for network operations, and our entire team is supporting all organizations through this process.

In addition, we are responding to the crisis with the following adjustments and enhancements to support our local networks during this time of need:

COVID-19 Social Needs Screening

With the increased need for both health and social services, it is imperative to ensure that we enhance our ability to connect people to accurate resources, avoiding unnecessary utilization of healthcare and community services. We are adding a screening option to identify social needs and quickly connect clients to services.

COVID-19 Exposure Assessment

To support the immediate objective of identifying individuals who may be exposed to COVID-19, we are adding an exposure assessment form that appears in every referral workflow to determine a client’s exposure to COVID-19. Depending on a client’s responses, the assessment will provide instruction to redirect them from the hospital or connect them to the appropriate local resource if they have been exposed.

Public-Facing Websites for Individuals in Need

In order to better connect individuals with local resources, we will update existing public-facing websites and assistance request forms with new COVID-19 assessment questions to support individuals.

Program Status Feature

Network partners play an important role in providing services to clients. We also understand that their ability to serve clients through their programs may change for a variety of reasons. We’re excited to announce that partners can now control which programs they receive referrals for using a new program status feature! It’s as easy as checking a box. There are two statuses: Receiving Referrals and Not Receiving Referrals.

For Community Partners

If you’re part of an organization that can offer services at this time, click here to join a Unite Us network.