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Our Commitment to Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion

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The Unite Us team is diverse in every sense of the word — gender, race, geography, age, ability, experience — the list goes on. Our team shares a common dedication to our mission to advance solutions that enable people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. As we grow and expand across the country, we will work to ensure that our company reflects the communities we serve.

Through company-wide policies and practices, we work to build an environment where all team members are supported equally in health, career, and well-being. In collaboration with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) manager, our cross functional DEI Committee supports and drives impact-focused initiatives, and provides feedback to ensure we are upholding our values and foster an equitable and inclusive environment.

Our Goal and Commitment to this Journey

Unite Us is committed to developing organizational and department-specific diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. As Unite Us continues to grow and add valuable members to our team, we are committed to using best practices for sourcing and recruiting to build and support a diverse team that reflects the communities we serve. These efforts include several company-wide initiatives focused on improving diversity at all levels of Unite Us.

As we work towards achieving and meeting our diversity goals, we will be transparent and accountable to our team members.

Our commitment to this journey goes beyond the four walls of our company. We recognize that if we are going to achieve our goal of creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all of our team members, we must also commit to investing in the communities we serve. Learn more about our approach and commitment to this journey below!

Our Approach:

How we’re integrating DEI
into everything we do

Our Voice

We will strive to amplify and promote anti-racist agendas through our work. You’ll see us discussing health equity and the social determinants of health in our content and across our social media channels. We’ll continue to shine a light on inequities and share how we are working with the community to close those gaps.

Our Dollars

Unite Us has committed to a quarterly donation cadence that has a local and high impact focus. We provide financial support to organizations helping marginalized and disenfranchised people and communities.

Our Education

Unite Us recognizes the value of holding deliberate space to discuss, learn, and grow, and will continue to organize and facilitate learning opportunities for our team members. These trainings will revolve around topics such as anti-racism, equity, power and privilege, and intersectionality to maintain a well-informed and socially conscious team. We will continue to engage our team in difficult, but important, conversations that will help us be better colleagues, allies, and humans.

Our Technology and Processes

At Unite Us, our goal is to partner with communities to deliver services to clients who need them most. Our predictive modeling aims to support this goal by strengthening our coordinated care networks and better serving our clients. This includes ensuring accountability, fairness, and avoiding bias in our technology and our analytics.

Our Culture

Our ultimate goal is to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are ingrained in everything we do. Unite Us was built with tenacity, innovation, and a willingness to take risks. We have never been satisfied with the status quo. We’ve consistently applied that same commitment, dedication, and drive to build an authentically inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture — with the humility to recognize we can always do better.


What they mean at Unite Us

A Look At Our Team

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Asian (Not Hispanic or Latino) Black or African American (Not Hispanic or Latino) Hispanic or Latino Two or More Races (Not Hispanic or Latino) American Indian or Alaskan Native (Not Hispanic or Latino) White (Not Hispanic or Latino) Non White Black or Latinx (URM)
Company Wide 12% 17% 10% ≤ 4% ≤ 4% 57% 43% 26%
Executive Level 15% 8% 8% ≤ 4% ≤ 4% 69% 31% 15%
Mid-Level 12% 8% 10% 1% ≤ 4% 71% 29% 18%
Individual Contributor 13% 21% 10% 6% ≤ 4% 50% 50% 31%

We are proud of the racial and ethnic diversity at Unite Us, and we strive for continued representation of team members from varying backgrounds at all levels. With this commitment, we also acknowledge that intention and mindfulness are a requirement in order for our team to feel and be safe, heard, and valued.

Gender Identity
at Unite Us

At Unite Us, we recognize the importance of acknowledging and respecting an individual’s gender identity. As such, we continue to foster an environment of inclusion that entails the rollout and commitment of these efforts below:

  • Gender neutral restrooms in our New York and LA offices
  • Gender inclusion modules during onboarding
  • A heavily promoted gender pronoun guide that highlights expectations, resources, and guides
  • Consistent encouragement for team members to update their Zoom, Slack, and intranet profiles with their pronouns
  • Designated gender pronoun practice buddies

Sexual Orientation
at Unite Us

We honor the sexual orientation of all team members at Unite Us, and we work hard to foster a safe space for team members to be their authentic selves. And as part of our employee resource group (ERG) initiative, we have an  LGBTQIA + ERG. This group will support the professional and personal development of team members within the LGBTQIA+ community and will encourage the networking, socializing, and psychological safety of team members involved.

“In so many organizations, ‘diversity,’ ‘equity,’ and ‘inclusion’ are just big ticket buzz words. But at Unite Us, diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to our mission. It’s what we’re fighting for in the communities we serve, it’s what we strive to create internally for our own team, it’s the vision we see for the world – and we’re working every single day to make it happen.”

Kate Geouge Brown
Unite Us

We thank you for joining us on this journey!