Data Series Q4 2019

NCCARE360: 1,000 Referrals and Counting

…and we’re just getting started.

A statewide network in North Carolina powered by Unite Us is connecting healthcare and social services in the pursuit of better health outcomes and lower costs. 

Through NCCARE360, health and social service providers are able to:

    • Access a robust statewide resource directory.
    • Send secure electronic referrals for both clinical and non-clinical services in the community.
    • Collaborate on care in real-time with other network partners.
    • Track every referral, interaction, and outcome for every person seeking services through the network.

People helped

in the network so far.

Imagine where we'll be in 2020.

In March 2019, the statewide network launched in three counties. Today, NCCARE360 is active in 21 counties and counting across North Carolina with new partners joining every day, with the most recent launch including six counties. We officially reached the 1,000th referral mark on October 8th—a clear indicator of the network's momentum.

Consider this: by December 2020, NCCARE360 will be launched in all 100 counties in North Carolina. The potential to help tens of thousands of North Carolinians is just around the corner.

onboarded users in
organizations in

Here's why it matters to us.

Unite Us knows that medical care alone does not equate to wellness; people don't live in hospitals, they live in communities. Every day, our team of 13 in North Carolina works tirelessly to engage our partners and support them through the network-building and change management process. The result: a focus on increasing public access to services and empowering people in the community to take ownership of their own health.

We're on the right path.

Here's the reality: more than 1.2 million North Carolinians can't find affordable housing and one in 28 of the state's children under age six is homeless. North Carolina also has the eighth-highest rate of food insecurity in the United States, with more than one in five children living in food insecure households. NCCARE360 has coordinated the most referrals for these two service types, confirming that what we're doing works.

of food cases were positively resolved
Of those, 41% involved the delivery of nutrition benefits such as SNAP/WIC and 35% involved supplemental food from a food pantry.

We know we aren't going to solve these problems overnight. At the very least, everybody deserves a safe place to live and access to food. Since NCCARE360 launched, we can track in real-time that people are finally getting the help they need. 1,000 referrals is the first step towards a fully integrated system of care in North Carolina.

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(Data updated on October 9, 2019.)

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