Network Services

Our Customer Success team is deeply embedded in the community to ensure we meet your unique needs and your networks are set up to thrive.

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Network Development

We work with your strategic vision to develop and execute a tactical project plan for the launch of your coordinated care network. In addition to the technical software implementation, our experienced team will meet you where you are with your community and guide you through the planning phase, the process of building buy-in with partners, aligning workflows, and onboarding every organization.

Community Engagement

Engaging community partners is an essential component of building and sustaining a coordinated care network. We have experience working with a diverse array of communities and we make it a point to truly understand the landscape of service delivery at a local level so that the solutions, workflows, and approach we deliver are informed and personalized.

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Strategic Guidance

Our support doesn’t stop after a network is launched. In fact, in 100% of Unite Us networks have grown over time. A successful network requires ongoing care, attention, and human collaboration. We will support you and your partners in establishing best practices and making data-driven decisions that lead to sustainable network growth.

Data Analysis and Insight Support

Our Customer Success team is comprised of highly qualified individuals with extensive experience in the health and human services industry. We’ll help you build a framework to effectively analyze your data and make it actionable.