Data Series

The Patient Journey

At Unite Us, we often speak about the "patient journey." It is something that drives our innovation and something we know is critical to making and proving an impact. As organizations along the continuum increase coordination, it becomes important to be able to track EVERYTHING. With Unite Us, you and your partners are able to gain visibility into your patients' health journeys before and after they come through your walls. Take a look at the patient journey of one individual that was connected to services through NCServes Western, a coordinated network that is part of the AmericaServes initiative led by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) out of Syracuse University.

The Journey of One Person in Need

Below is the journey of one client, a Marine Veteran in North Carolina, that was connected to NCServes Western last August. Over the course of eight months, the client received care from 8 different providers in the community to address 10 different service needs. Today, NCServes Western is proud to say that, together as a network of providers, they were able to deliver holistic care to this client and now have the data and outcomes to prove it.

With Unite Us, communities and organizations are equipped with invaluable data and information captured during every stage of service delivery from screenings, referrals, assessments, to individual outcomes.

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