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Empower Network Efficiency and Drive Efficacy with Unparalleled, Real-Time Social Care Data Analytics

At Unite Us, we believe in employing on-the-ground data to navigate the health and social care continuum from end to end. Together, we’re setting the standards of care.

Visualize Key Insights in Curated Dashboards

Our tailored reports highlight the most relevant data points to fit your organization’s needs, whether you’re focused on surveilling Network Activity and Health Equity, or diving into Military, Workforce Management, or Community Investment metrics. Our robust dashboards include individual-, program-, and region-level specificity, as well as digestible data summaries.

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Put our findings into action

These insights allow you to optimize care delivery across your community by connecting individuals to services faster and more accurately. No more guessing where to focus your time and effort to make the greatest impact—our team of public health experts helps you take these comprehensive insights the next mile.

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Track Standardized Social Care Delivery Data like Never Before

Throughout the lifetime of a network, we benchmark your successes so we can measurably and sustainably improve your patients’ health outcomes. Using our platform, you can monitor critical social care and network metrics, including:


Network Activity

Service Demand and Delivery

Co-occuring and Re-ocurring Needs

Network Efficiency and Impact

Detailed Outcomes

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