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Client privacy is
our priority.

At Unite Us, we know that secure information sharing is vital to connecting health and social services and ensuring individuals receive the end-to-end care they need.

We never share client data
without consent.

read our public privacy policy

We protect clients’ most sensitive information.

Substance use and other sensitive information is never shared beyond the service provider.

We keep client data secure. Period.

The Unite Us Platform is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.

See how our sophisticated privacy ecosystem ensures client data is protected while coordinating care.

Privacy in Social Care

We believe in creating the best experience for clients seeking services in their community, which requires maintaining the highest standards of privacy. We advocate across leading national organizations for secure and interoperable coordination of services. Read below for more information on Unite Us’ commitments to privacy, security, and interoperability:

Unite Us provides a hotline for members of the public to report potential compliance concerns. If you would like to raise a compliance-related concern, please dial (800) 461-9330.


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