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The operating system
for social care

A coordinated care network is a group of health and social care providers connected through our shared technology platform. Network partners work together—locally and in real time—to support the complex needs of individuals and families.

Screening with Decision Support

The first step of a client’s journey is often screening to identify as many of their co-occurring needs as possible. We’re screening-tool agnostic, so we’ll configure your questions to help you identify risk and give you immediate steps on how to address the needs of your clients.

Screen with decision support

Secure Care Coordination

Go beyond searching for resources and referring your clients. Since the platform is embedded within every organization in your network, you’ll know whether they got there, what happened every step along the way, and the specific outcome that improved their health.

Secure care coordination

Outcome Tracking

Our standardized outcome data for every specific need provides you with actionable insights to improve your quality of care, address service gaps, and reduce costs. We’re committed to helping your network grow and use data to keep improving. Check out our expanded tools to measure network impact here.

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