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Jim Hong headshot

Jim Hong

Senior Vice President, Data Analytics

Opting for contrarian moves when possible, Jim’s career has taken him from the large corporate world to startups, consulting, and now Unite Us, where he finds the fulfillment of a mission and the opportunity to do real, meaningful work with data, analytics, and technology. He believes that, while analytics and data science are the vital left brain of an organization, creativity and instinct are equally essential. It is with this philosophy that he has successfully established and led analytical teams in the healthcare domain. His interest in healthcare and the well-being of people stemmed from his undergrad days, spent at SUNY Buffalo, where he was interested in how the science of computer science could be applied. He couldn’t get enough of school, so he went to grad school twice, first for an MS in biostatistics and second for an MBA—both from Harvard University. That last educational experience unlocked a passion for learning about various businesses, industries, and strategies, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store or a SaaS vendor.

These days, Jim enjoys spending the best kind of time with his family, sampling the cornucopia of ethnic cuisines in Chicago, commiserating on Chicago weather and road infrastructure, and reminiscing about his consumer arbitrage adventures.