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Thank You for Attending
the 2023 One Continuum Leadership Summit

On August 15, 2023, we hope you enjoyed hearing from industry leaders and subject-matter experts who are champions in community outreach, innovators in collaboration, and committed to making an impact together.


Click the event titles below for descriptions of the panels and speakers.

Meet the Speakers

Aditi Mallick, MD

Acting Director, CMS Office of Minority Health

Melissa Sherry

Vice President, Social Care Integration, Unite Us

Brandon Wilson

Managing Director, Veterans Services of the Carolinas (VSC)

Jessica Hampton

Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports Manager, Central California Alliance for Health

Nicole Friedman

National Program Lead, Thrive Local & Social Health Operations, Kaiser  Permanente

Eric Beane

Vice President of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Unite Us

Terri Ricks

Secretary, Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

Liz Whitworth

Managing Director, Oregon Health Leadership Council (OHLC)

Traylor Rains, JD

Oklahoma State Medicaid Director

Raff Breaks

Chief Product Officer, Unite Us

Rachel Kohler

Social impact entrepreneur and investor, former CEO of NowPow

Zachariah Hennessey

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Public Health Solutions

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