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Streamline Social Care Connections with Unite Us Care Coordination Services

Care Coordination Benefits

Increase Your Capacity to Care

Connecting individuals to services isn’t easy when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities, relying on clients to initiate the referral process, or facing challenges in finding the right support.

That’s why we’re here to help. Unite Us’ dedicated Care Team is trained to empower easy and positive social care connections for the people you serve.

Reduce Staff Burnout

Lighten the workload for your staff, reduce burnout, and improve operational efficiency through automated workflows and optimized resource allocation.

Powered by Professionals

Provide informed, personalized support to those in need. Professionally trained in social services or equipped with lived experience, Unite Us Care Coordinators are well-prepared to navigate the social care services landscape with ease.

Close Clinical Gaps

Enhance connections to care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes with a streamlined referral process and targeted support for the people you serve.

Hands-On, Flexible

Our Care Coordination Services include a wide range of options to create an added safety net, ensuring needs are addressed, no matter the complexity of the case or the size of the network.

Who Can We Help?

A Social Care Coordination Team You Can Trust

Your partner in navigating the social service landscape for your clients, members, and patients, Unite Us’ Care Coordination team utilizes high-touch, one-on-one human engagement to actively connect individuals with meaningful social care services, simplifying their path to support.

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