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Unite Us’ CPTO, Raff Breaks, named among Top 25 Software Executives by the Health Care Technology Report

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for Social Care

Thousands of government, healthcare, community-based organizations, agencies, and institutions of all sizes partner with Unite Us because of our robust technology, expansive network, and tenured people who support whole-person care.

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Our Products

An Integrated Suite of
Social Care Solutions

Reduce costs, streamline processes, and support your clients more efficiently with one platform. Use Unite Us to coordinate closed-loop referrals and share trusted resources securely, Insights to inform your decision-making with comprehensive social care data, Payments to help you seamlessly manage social care funding at scale, and Care Coordination to ensure needs are addressed with our dedicated, professional support and expertise.

National Scale

Meeting You Where You Are

Every community is different. Every case is unique. Unite Us makes it possible to customize care solutions to the needs of every individual. Our network and teams span across the country, supporting organizations with the flexibility and resources you need when you need them.


Innovative Customers Partner with Unite Us


Individuals Managed in the Unite Us Platform


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Unique Outcome Options
Supporting Whole-Person Care

Improving Health and Well-Being is Our Goal

You can use Unite Us software to speed up the delivery of referrals and reach outcomes faster. Get expert advice from our Care Coordination and Research and Evaluation teams and see value with Unite Us faster.


Automate your community management and coordination programs with one platform.


Build community connections, understand population needs, and address gaps.


Leverage our expertise to deliver individualized care, wherever you are on your journey.

Launch with Ease

It’s Easy as 1-2-3

Our implementation process is divided into three distinct phases for easy comprehension and execution. Once onboarded, our Customer Success team will meet with you regularly to review network health KPIs and track overall progress.


How Social Care Improves Maternal Health Outcomes: Learn from Innovators at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

The U.S. has one of  the highest maternal mortality rates among developed countries, with stark disparities depending on race, ethnicity, geographic region, and other social and economic factors. Medicaid programs, which cover 42% of all births in the U.S., can play a key role in driving innovations and devising new approaches to maternal health. Person-Centered …
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