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Finding Your Purpose: Working for a Social Enterprise After College


Ally Pratt

When facing the post-college job search, it’s easy to feel lost, worried, and even confused by all the choices ahead of you. There are a number of obstacles that can get in the way of finding that perfect job. If you find yourself wondering where you fit in, consider working for a company that supports vulnerable populations and prioritizes community betterment. Here’s why.

Helping other people is intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

There is no perfect recipe for solving real-world problems. This makes your position at a social enterprise extremely meaningful and exciting. If you want to build a purposeful career, working for a charitable company is one of the best ways to do it. To continue learning after college, you want to be in a position that allows you to stay on your toes and practice your critical thinking skills as much as possible. At Unite Us, you are able to venture beyond the scope of your normal daily routine, think about problems in new and dynamic ways, and explore the world beyond the office. This provides vastly more experience and skill-learning than you would get in a cubicle.

If you see yourself as an energetic, resourceful, and self-sustainable individual, working to improve other people’s lives is a great way to improve your own. If you’re up for the challenge, investing your time in a social enterprise can lead to huge self-improvement and practical learning. You’ll have a lot of responsibility, but that comes with the power to make decisions that matter.

Working with vulnerable populations will broaden your perspective of the world.

If the mission of the company truly speaks to you, your work will inspire you. Helping communities in need has reciprocal benefits that will leave you feeling indescribably fortunate and motivated to do more. Helping those with fewer resources than you should come naturally with just a little empathy. In doing so, you will be reminded of your own blessings and will want to use your talents to help better the community.

Today the media can be dehumanizing, but working for a social enterprise will remind you that these people are not just a number. Real, human interactions are immensely powerful and can completely change your outlook on what you’re doing. Hearing someone’s success story as the result of your work brings a satisfaction that is hard to achieve elsewhere. This internal motivation will ground you, ease your doubts, and remind you that what you’re doing has a reason. Being able to support people in need is tremendously humbling, so every action you take will feel authentic and purposeful – and work will feel more like a responsibility than a job.

You will get to see the direct impact of the work that you do.

If you work for a social enterprise, your actions will have a tangible impact on people’s lives. You will be able to see your work come to life to a much deeper extent than other companies. The results of your work can permanently affect people, which means they have the power to be immensely impactful and even change someone’s life. This is incredibly rewarding. As an employee at a socially-focused business, you will become an integral part of the movement toward social change and improvement. It’s the perfect way to use your knowledge and analytical skills to strive for a humanitarian goal.

When your actions are measurably improving the community, it leads to a long-lasting pride in your work. You don’t have to convince anyone of the value of your service if the beneficial impact is visible and significant. The people you’re helping are the proof, and they will tell you that. Being able to see and measure the culmination of your help is why it’s so worth working for a cause you believe in.

You’ll be working with other people that also value social change.

Joining forces with a work family that shares the same goals can lead to exponential growth and success. As Mother Teresa said, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” Beyond taking pride in your own work is learning to work well with others to build something even larger. Working with a team has infinite benefits, and working well with others is a universally valuable skill. The best discoveries are revealed in a collaborative atmosphere where people are encouraged to share. At Unite Us, coming together as a group can spark new ideas and cause a chain reaction of improvements. Within our company, we have experts in many different fields who are able to learn a lot from each other. A harmonious, yet multifaceted team is irreplaceable.

Your surroundings can be crucial in determining the quality and potency of your work, so company culture matters. Socially responsible companies are usually driven by a culture of optimism and mutual respect. You’ll become part of an amazing network. Kindness is contagious; people who care about helping people are more likely to foster an environment where your work is seen and valued.

In a company that’s focused on social betterment, your ambition will be fruitfully rewarded. You will be surrounded by the collective efforts of passionate team members who understand each other’s talents and values. If you are committed to giving back, improving communities, and working hard every day, then apply to work for a social enterprise. Roll up your sleeves and put your talents to use somewhere where you can make an impact.

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