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Power in Partnership: Allsup


Our Power in Partnership series highlights our national and regional partners and the work they do with Unite Us to build healthier communities.

Tell us more about your organization.

Allsup - Celebrating 40 years

Allsup and our subsidiaries provide nationwide Social Security disability, veterans disability appeal, disability financial solutions, return to work, and healthcare benefits services for individuals. Allsup professionals deliver specialized services, supporting both people with disabilities and veterans so they can access the disability benefits they’ve earned, enabling them to lead lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible. We primarily assist healthcare providers, including case managers and social workers, with identifying patients who may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and veterans disability benefits. Getting knowledgeable help early on saves time and reduces the burden for healthcare professionals, who can focus on key tasks that directly impact patient care.

What are the greatest needs of the individuals and families you serve?

The individuals and families we serve are dealing with the complexities of chronic illness or catastrophic injury that can prevent someone from working. The individual with a disability is going through treatment, has stopped working, and their bills are piling up. Allsup assists them with making sense of complicated government programs, walking them through the entire process to receive the benefits they’ve earned.  We also help them access resources they may need while waiting for their disability decision, like savings on credit cards and medical bills, healthcare insurance, and even savings on everyday items such as food, utilities, and prescriptions.

How has working with Unite Us impacted the work that you do?

Unite Us provides us with a secure platform to receive and respond to referrals. It is helping to strengthen our ties with the healthcare provider community, allowing them to rely on us. With Unite Us, healthcare providers can use Allsup as a trusted resource to help their patients get the Social Security disability or veterans disability appeal assistance they need. We offer training and supply materials to help educate providers on these complex government programs. Unite Us has allowed us to expand our reach to more families in need.

How does collaborating with other organizations play a role in your work?

Allsup fosters strong collaborations; we interact with a large network including community organizations, non-profits, government agencies, employers, insurance carriers, healthcare, and mental health providers who serve individuals with disabilities. Further, we regularly collaborate with disability organizations nationwide who appreciate and understand Allsup’s mission and core values. These relationships assist us in getting the word out about services for those with disabilities, improving products and services, and understanding the evolving needs of communities nationwide. We also seek to spread awareness about the needs and solutions for individuals with disabilities so those in government and leadership roles can better understand and join our organization in advocating for improved access to existing programs.

The senior adult woman smiles as the unrecognizable senior adult male insurance agent explains the paperwork to her.

“Unite Us provides us with a secure platform to receive and respond to referrals. It is helping to strengthen our ties with the healthcare provider community, allowing them to rely on us.” – Lacee Bauer, Director of Business Development at Allsup

What is something you are excited about in terms of future projects or initiatives at your organization?

We provide training to healthcare providers in groups big and small, online or in-person, so they can understand which of their clients may be eligible for Social Security disability and veterans disability benefits. Many healthcare professional teams have new members who may not understand complex government benefit programs. Allsup instructs about the SSDI process, new VA disability laws, and how working with our experts can help. We educate on how SSDI and veterans benefits can expedite monthly cash benefits and Medicare coverage for their clients, while saving significant time for stretched healthcare resources. We’re excited to collaborate with even more providers to bring these valuable services to even more communities that are in dire need of them.

In addition, we are anticipating helping more clients with our exclusive Disability Financial Solutions®. Navigating the current financial environment can be stressful, especially for individuals with disabilities. Allsup is the only nationwide SSDI representative that offers help with credit card and medical bill debt.

What achievement would you like to highlight?

Since Allsup implemented the Unite Us platform, case managers have adopted Allsup as their trusted resource for Social Security disability and veterans disability appeals. This allows us to begin the process of representing these individuals. Over the last year, due to the training we’ve provided, our referrals have dramatically increased, allowing us to bring these valuable services to those who have earned them in their careers, service to our country, or both. Allsup is grateful for the collaboration of other individuals and organizations who step up to help the communities we serve.

What are your organization’s main programs or offerings? How have these expanded or evolved over time?

For more than 40 years, Allsup has been helping people get the Social Security disability benefits they earned while working. We have expanded to be a full-service SSDI provider. We’re the only SSDI representative company to offer Disability Financial Solutions® that help individuals receive resources in their local area to ease the financial burden of not working due to illness or injury.

For more than a decade, our VA-accredited claims agents, some of whom are veterans themselves, have assisted veterans in receiving VA disability benefits or getting a higher disability rating from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) after they’ve been denied. With recent changes in VA laws, Allsup Veterans Disability Appeals Service® has a focus on ensuring veterans understand all the appeal options available to them, and we advise on the best course of action for each veteran’s unique situation.

Allsup and our subsidiaries offer complete disability benefits services. Besides SSDI and VA appeals, we can help with:

  • Return To WorkKeep your SSDI benefits and return to work by taking advantage of Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program.
  • Disability Financial Solutions® and Appeal Services Allsup is the only nationwide representative that helps with your Social Security disability benefits plus offers services to solve your financial challenges. If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, Allsup is ready to assist with your appeals and prepare you for your hearing.
  • Medicare Plan Enrollment Assistance Allsup’s health insurance experts can help you plan for and navigate changes in your health insurance coverage.

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