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Our social care navigation team bolsters accountable care coordination.

The Network Hub Support (NHS) team empowers easy and positive social care connections for clients through meaningful processes that maximize network impact.

Network Hub Support Solutions

NHS not only provides direct support for your organization’s needs, it also yields widespread utility for your regional and statewide communities.

Our team monitors existing partner-to-partner referrals and, if relevant, ensures that clients are fully connected to the services they need.

Our team serves as your network’s care coordination center by identifying and carrying out appropriate client referrals, taking the onus off individual organization administrators.

Using our proprietary, data-driven Social Opportunity Index (SOI), our team identifies individuals in your community with high social care needs and predictively drives them to the Unite Us network, amplifying your breadth of client uptake.

Our team receives organic submissions (e.g. self-referrals) from the Assistance Request forms embedded on a designated website, and connects these clients with necessary social care.

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