Integrate Systems

One seamless experience across the community.

At Unite Us, we know that interoperability is critical to coordinating care between health and social care; that is why we make it easy to integrate Unite Us into existing workflows to ensure care team adoption across the community.

Unite Us:

We are bringing the best of our human capabilities to build a stronger network of care using an extraordinary technological tool. For the first time in the country, you can launch a closed-loop referral system from an electronic medical record.


Single Sign On (SSO)

We’re making it easy for the end user to launch the Unite Us Platform within their system of record.

Smart on FHIR App

We’re improving efficiency and care coordination by embedding the Unite Us Platform into existing systems of record and workflows.

Advanced FHIR

We’re advancing secure bi-directional data exchange, ensuring care team adoption and integration of health and social care.

Connecting with Care Team Systems of Record

Each month thousands of referrals are sent between Unite Us and non-Unite Us systems. Unite Us Interoperability offers multiple standards-based integration approaches with product partners and customers, based on the capabilities of the system. We are regularly expanding our list of standardized offerings with product partners and IT teams.

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