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2022: Impacting Lives Together

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Thank you for joining
the Continuum

That was fun! We hope you enjoyed hearing from industry leaders and subject-matter experts who are champions in community outreach, innovators in collaboration, and committed to making an impact together. We can’t wait to see you again this time next year, but until then, check out our recordings of each panel down below!

2022 Agenda

Explore each day:

On Wednesday, November 2, we spent full afternoon discussing collaboration and recognizing community impact.

On Thursday, November 3, we enjoyed workshops and networking opportunities with peers and colleagues from like-minded organizations.

Meet the Speakers

Adrienne Sherk

Senior Director, National CBO Partnerships, Unite Us

Wendi Copeland

Chief Partnership Officer, Goodwill Industries International

Bill Vatterott

Director of Marketing & Programs, RX Outreach

Miriam Campbell, MPH

Senior Program Manager for the Supporting Healthy Start Performance Project (SHSPP) grant, National Healthy Start Association

Joanna Ramirez

Community Investment Manager, Unite Us

Liz Cowley

Senior Network Success Manager, Unite Us

Joshua Chitalo

Chief Executive Officer, Mount Carmel HELPS Inc

Judy C. Caton

Member Care Coordinator & CCNC Healthy Opportunities Administrator, Community Care of North Carolina

Amanda Van Vleet, MPH

Associate Director of Innovation at NC Medicaid Strategy Office, North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services

Megan Carlson

National Director, Network Success, Unite Us

Kristin Herr

Library Director, Lawton Public Library

Lynn Smith

Executive Assistant, Higher Dimension Church

Travis Karicofe

EMS Officer, City of Harrisonburg VA Fire Department

Moira Kenney

Regional Network Director – West Coast, Unite Us

Bailey Wright

State Advocacy and Public Policy Director, Oklahoma Food Banks

Jenna Hauss

President & CEO, ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center

Michele Merritt, Esq

President and CEO, New Futures

Angela Petriello

Associate Director, Training Operations, Unite Us

Molly Blumgart

Senior Director, Business Analytics, Unite Us

Kristin Hunter

Senior Manager, Growth and Enablement, Unite Us

Randolyn Haley

Manager, Network Success, Unite Us

One Continuum definition preview
Our Definition

What Does One Continuum Mean to Us?

We named our event One Continuum to capture the spirit of the work we do together, as partners in communities. Our goal? To provide a space for diverse organizations and creative minds alike to connect with one another, share successes, and inspire solutions.

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