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All Ears! Unite Us Launches A Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Businesses 

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New York, NY, JANUARY 30, 2023Unite Us, the nation’s leading software company enabling cross-sector collaboration, is thrilled to announce What Unites Us—a podcast about fulfilling dreams, realizing missions, and building ideas that last. What Unites Us covers a wide range of topics centered around the common themes of entrepreneurship, leadership, and building enduring businesses. Hosts Taylor Justice, Co-Founder and President of Unite Us, and Esther Farkas, Chief Operating Officer of Unite Us, speak with experts and leaders in the business, nonprofit, and government sectors.

“We set out to talk about enduring businesses, and many of the episodes transformed into people who run those businesses, their journeys, and their stories. It’s inspiring to hear how all of these different people navigated different challenges or stereotypes but still came out on top,” said Justice.

What Unites Us is off to a great start, with the first episode diving deep into a conversation with Rob Dyrdek, Founder and CEO of Dyrdek Machine, where our hosts get expert advice on their own entrepreneurial ideas. This episode has generated  excitement, with 1.5k listens within a week of its launch. 

During the conversation, Rob spoke of his success by saying, “When I think about the fundamentals, at the core of it, it’s self-belief. The only reason I was able to keep taking shots in different arenas was because I believed that I could find success and was willing to take the risks to get there. More than anything, I just never stopped growing.”

In the past month, additional episodes featuring Seema Verma, an American Health Policy Expert, and Georgina Dukes, Senior Director of Social Care Advocacy at Unite Us, have also been released. To listen to the show’s most recent episode, check out or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

For a sneak peek at what else is to come, check out our season one lineup below:

Ep 1 Rob Dyrdek, Dyrdek Machine

Ep 2 Seema Verma, American Health Policy Expert

Ep 3 Georgina Dukes, Unite Us

Ep 4 Pamela Garmon Johnson, American Heart Association

Ep 5 Steven Preston, Goodwill

Ep 6 Lindsay Barenz, Oakland Soul

Ep 7 Sam Allen, Salesforce

Ep 8 Rachel Kohler, Kohler Co. 

Ep 9 Patrick Kennedy, U.S. Congress and Author

Ep 10 Maurice Jones, OneTen

Ep 11 Season 1: Lessons Learned

To contact What Unites Us for an interview, question, or guest suggestion for season two, email

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Unite Us is the nation’s leading software company enabling collaboration across sectors to improve the health and well-being of communities. Unite Us’ secure solution establishes a new standard of care that identifies and predicts social care needs, helps connect people to services, and leverages meaningful outcomes data to further drive community investment. Through Unite Us’ national network and software, community-based organizations, government agencies, health plans, and healthcare providers are all connected to better collaborate and meet the needs of the individuals in their communities. Follow Unite Us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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