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Inform decision-making with comprehensive social care data demonstrating the impact of services delivered.

Beyond understanding the current needs of populations, Unite Us Insights empowers organizations to assess what resources and support may be needed across certain demographic or geographic areas.

Understand the social needs of populations at scale

Unite Us Insights offers robust data solutions and dashboards that help you:

  • Identify individuals with social needs in your population and how to best reach them
  • Enroll clients into care using an optimized engagement and intervention strategy
  • Serve clients through a curated network
  • Measure network- and organization-level activity, health disparities, community impact, and success
  • Invest in services and programs

A Proactive Approach to Social Care

Through the Unite Us Social Needs System (SNSTM)—the industry standard for predicting and measuring individual-level SDoH nationwide–Social Connector is a tool for governments, healthcare, and community-based organizations to proactively identify social needs in their communities and design strategies to effectively meet those needs.

Understand social drivers of health and predicted clinical conditions and how they vary across demographic groups and geographies at both the population and individual level.

Engage your population of interest by using engagement preference predictive models to design effective outreach strategies.

Act by connecting individuals with the right services at the right time to meet their needs.

Insights Growth

Optimize new member acquisition and retention through Insights Growth.

  • ​​Make data-driven decisions about which markets to pursue and products to offer.
  • Use proprietary analytics to identify your prospects and understand the messaging that will resonate with them.
  • Optimize marketing and sales outreach efforts, driving higher conversion at a lower cost.
  • Automatically track and analyze the results of your campaigns for continuous improvement.

Insights Quality

Drive effective quality improvement initiatives for your members with Insights Quality.

  • Close gaps in care by identifying, prioritizing, and engaging members effectively.
  • Determine the next best action to improve member experience and outcomes–and the most effective outreach method to engage them.
  • Create efficiencies in programs, outreach planning, and execution based on identified opportunities across measures, members, and providers.
  • Boost cross-functional collaboration by reducing silos through advanced analytics and insight generation.
  • Optimize member experience by reducing abrasion (e.g. member fatigue, missed engagement, and communication channel preference).

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