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Professional Services Backed By a Decade of Proven ROI

Tackling complex social care challenges requires more than innovative technology—it requires expertise, guidance, and collaboration.

What Sets Us Apart

Expert Guidance to Meet Your Goals

We offer a variety of professional services that complement our solutions, ensuring that your organization is armed with the tools and expertise needed to elevate your social care strategy to new heights.

Whether through our expert social care coordination support or our customizable managed services, we take a tailored approach to crafting data-driven innovations for you and your organization.

Let Us Build It for You

Managed Services

We’re ready when you are. Tap into the knowledge of Unite Us experts who have years of experience helping organizations of all sizes implement new technologies, regardless of where you’re at in your social care journey.

Increase Your Capacity to Care

Care Coordination Services

Lacking the time, resources, and capacity needed to coordinate social care for the individuals you serve? Lighten the load of your care teams and increase your capacity to deliver social care with Care Coordination Services.

Social Care Coordination

Improve outcomes without overwhelming your team by referring clients directly to our Care Coordination team.

Proactive Engagement

Leverage smart data analytics and personal support to connect underserved individuals to care.

Self-Directed Support

Empower individuals to self-refer directly to our Care Team through an online assistance request form.

Screenings and Assessments

Utilize personalized screenings and assessments to more accurately identify and address social needs.

Benefits Navigation and Enrollment Assistance

Support individuals in navigating eligibility, simplifying the process, and increasing their likelihood of receiving services.

Ready to get started?

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