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Call to Service: A Military Spouse’s Approach to Serving Others


Mary Bier

When we think about “serving others,” many of us instinctually think about the men and women serving our country by working in the armed forces. Day in and day out, they consistently answer the call of duty, protect others from harm, and selflessly put the wellbeing of others ahead of their own.

As a veteran-founded company, we understand first-hand the challenges that this type of work presents our military members and their families, and we say “thank you” to them for their tireless service.

Those outside of the military community also serve others in meaningful ways, and we want to honor their commitment to serve, too. Brigadier General (Ret.) Loree Sutton, MD, the founding Commissioner for New York City’s Department of Veterans’ Services, has an inclusive approach to how they address service – “service on behalf of others” – that speaks directly to one’s personal involvement within his or her community (DVS).

The underlying connection between those who serve – both military and civilian – issacrifice. Everyone has the capacity to sacrifice either their time or resources in a variety of ways, both large and small.

We have an opportunity to contribute to our communities through our sacrifice for and service to others, and this may look different to each of us depending on the communities in which we live. As a military spouse of an active duty Army officer, my service focuses around supporting the families of deployed service members, advocating for military spousal employment programs, and volunteering my time with service groups that provide mental health support to spouses of active duty military members.

There are countless ways to give back and serve others, and the key is finding a niche in which you feel passion or have a personal connection.

At Unite Us, our goal is to connect communities by helping people get in touch with the care and services they need as quickly as possible. By working within these communities to build coordinated networks and provide them with the tools they need to succeed, communities are able to make a greater impact and ultimately help more people receive their desired care.

What are the ways in which you serve your communities? Comment below; we’d love to hear your stories! These stories and the call to serve inspire us to continue doing our best work in our existing networks and those we hope to serve in the future.

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