Let's connect people to the services they need...

and prove it.

Unite Us

Build and scale your coordinated care network

This is a critical part of your social determinants of health strategy, whether you’re just beginning to address social needs or have been working with community partners for years.

Proactively identify service gaps and at-risk populations

Evaluate network performance to better understand where to allocate resources across your communities.

Empower every community organization to accountably track outcomes together

Expand your relationships through secure, real-time communication with visibility into shared clients’ progress throughout their health journeys.

Leverage outcomes data to take action

Our real-time dashboards display longitudinal views of your clients' care – including social service outcomes – so you can determine what works and prove the impact of community interventions.

The Platform

Our platform is the unifying infrastructure between health care entities and community-based organizations. 

Network Services

Our process involves a team of experts who build your network from the ground up.