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Public Health Week: Our Team’s Stories


Each year, during the first week of April, the American Public Health Association brings together communities across the United States to observe National Public Health Week to recognize contributions to public health and highlight important issues. Our team used this week to share quotes and stories during Public Health Week this year.

At Unite Us, we are passionate about public health and fortunate to have many colleagues with experience in the field. This work aligns so closely with our mission as we build critical public health infrastructure across the nation. As Victoria Duong, MPH and Network Health Manager in Louisiana shared, “Unite Us has a great opportunity to positively influence and strengthen public health efforts.” Andrea Lowe, MPH and Senior Account Manager in California echoed the sentiment and tied it back to our outcomes-driven values, Our networks help answer the question: Are we truly making a difference?”

We hope you feel as inspired as we do by our team’s heartfelt words.


Brittany Sachs, LMSW and Account Manager in New York, started her career at an inpatient psychiatric hospital as an intern. “I quickly realized that I wanted to influence the policies that would help vulnerable populations access resources outside of a hospital setting. I pursued a LMSW, with a focus in community organizing, to think strategically about how to marry the macro, mezzo, and micro parts of a community and the social needs that it may have. At Unite Us, I work every day to bring communities together to collaborate on solutions across the continuum of care.



Rachel McMillan

Prior to her time at Unite Us, Rachel McMillan, MPH and Senior Account Manager in New York, worked at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to create a robust resource list of sexual and reproductive health services across the city.Unite Us provides the infrastructure necessary to leverage the critical work of our partners, who are making tangible impacts and tracking outcomes in communities across the country. It is a privilege to work with partners and teammates who are moving the needle each day.EVMaB8DUEAU5EPc


Emily Pigott

Prior to her time at Unite Us, Emily Pigott, MPH and Network Health Manager in New York, worked as a public benefits case manager at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and says she “was frustrated with how difficult it was to coordinate care for our patients, making me want to impact change at a systems-level. Unite Us helps communities overcome barriers that have caused systemic and longstanding inequities for their residents by leveraging existing assets to provide preventative and truly client-centered care.”


Our team goes above and beyond each and every day with unparalleled resilience and dedication. This tenacity is reflected in our network partners, who work fearlessly in health and social care. Together, we are impacting public health and building healthier communities – putting people first, above all else.

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