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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities for Innovation and Impact: The Success Story of CONNECT

In this case study, we look at the success of CONNECT, a network of navigators at clinics, community service organizations, and governmental programs launched by Santa Fe County in 2017 and in partnership with the City of Santa Fe since 2019.

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CONNECT’s goal was to provide residents in need with timely access to a range of services, including housing, food, transportation, utilities, and other social determinants of health.

To achieve this goal, the county identified two key priorities: 

  • Collaboration between health and social service providers
  • Technology infrastructure to monitor emerging needs and adapt in real time—for example, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

The CONNECT network was even recognized with a 2022 Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo).

Learn why the CONNECT network has been recognized as an innovative, effective government program and how to strengthen partnerships between health and social services for your community members through cross-sector collaboration.