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Scrappy, Heartfelt, and Coming Back for More: Our Wrap of Season One

Discover what we’ve learned in season one, our favorite guest stories, how many seasons Esther hopes to host, and more!
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Lots of people imagine building companies, launching new mission-driven organizations or shaping bold, new visions within established spaces, but how many people actually act and succeed?

What makes one person quit and another one stick it out to the end? Why do some ideas take off and others flop? What characteristics do successful founders and idea-shapers share that drive them to persevere? What kind of leadership does it take to create generational change?

We’re going to talk about all this and more. Join us as we speak with some of the most bold, visionary trailblazers of our time on their failures, the wins they built out of those experiences, and everything in between. We promise to keep it real, have some fun, and get deep into the details. We know as entrepreneurs and business leaders ourselves, authenticity, vulnerability, and joy are keys to unlocking success.

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