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Skills as the Recipe to Opportunity: A Conversation With Maurice Jones


Growing up, most Americans were taught that the best way to earn a liveable wage was to go to college. But is education really the best determiner of a good employee? Our guest today disagrees.  

Welcome to this episode of What Unites Us, a podcast about building businesses meant to last. We aim to answer some of the toughest questions about branding, leadership, and success while talking to business trailblazers about their biggest lessons learned. 

Today, we welcome Maurice Jones. Maurice is the former CEO of OneTen, a coalition of businesses that are aiming to employ one million African Americans by the end of the decade. He shares what the Rhodes Scholarship is, his career journey, and why OneTen is dedicated to changing the mindset of the workforce. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Maurice’s origin story (2:02)
  • What the Rhodes Scholarship is (5:40)
  • Maurice’s journey from being an attorney to working in the Treasury (11:36)
  • The mentality of an attorney (15:19)
  • What LISC is (19:21)
  • How OneTen is revolutionizing the workforce with their ‘skills first’ initiative (22:00)
  • Maurice answers ‘what makes a company last?’ (31:32)

Connect with Maurice Jones::

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