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Here at Unite Us, we’re committed to serving communities across the country.

Health and social care providers are connected through our shared technology which enables them to send and receive secure electronic referrals, address people’s social needs, and improve health across communities.

By creating coordinated care networks that connect care providers across sectors, we empower partners to work together to address all of the complex, co-occurring needs that people face. Our team works hand-in-hand with network partners, ensuring comprehensive training, seamless implementation, and launch – as well as ongoing support as networks continue to grow and thrive. Unite Us-powered networks constantly evolve with the communities they serve.

Joining a network is free of cost for community-based organizations and many organizations that are considered part of the safety net, like community health centers, tribal clinics, and mental health centers.

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Unite Us is focused on serving and supporting all our networks during the COVID-19 crisis. Our hearts go out to all those affected, and we are immeasurably grateful for our partners working in health and social care at this time. Learn more about Unite Us’ response to COVID-19 here.