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Too Big to Fix: A Conversation with Seema Verma, CMS


There is no more complicated system than healthcare in the US. Is it too big to fix? Are there ideas, solutions, technology, and leaders bringing us toward a more effective and lower cost system?

Welcome to this episode of the What Unites Us, a podcast about building businesses meant to last. We aim to answer some of the toughest questions about branding, leadership, and success while talking to business trailblazers about their biggest lessons learned. 

Today, we sit down with Seema Verma, former administrator for Medicare and Medicaid services under former President Trump. She shares what it was like working for the former President, how she handles backlash, her thoughts on technology in healthcare, and so much more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What CMS is and what it does (2:14
  • Seema’s origin story (5:56
  • Seema talks about what it was like working with former President Donald Trump (12:02)
  • How Seema deals with the backlash and hate she gets from people (18:13
  • Seema answers the question ‘Is healthcare too big to fix?’ (22:34
  • The big change that is coming to healthcare in the future (24:08
  • What Seema is excited about in healthcare (26:37)
  • Seema’s thoughts on technology in healthcare (29:58)

Connect with Seema Verma:

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