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Navigating This Landscape Together


Unite Us is firmly rooted in the military community, from our founders to our staff. We value the diversity that veterans and military-connected family members bring to the team, and continue to seek out this diversity. I am the National Director of Military Initiatives at Unite Us.

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When I started working at Unite Us, I was excited to bring my experience in software and technology to the team as well as my knowledge and familiarity with military culture. As a military spouse, I get an insider’s perspective about what life is really like for our service members and their families.

At Unite Us, we realize how valuable it is for our team members, particularly those that support our military-connected communities, to have an understanding of the special circumstances that the military-connected population may face. Anyone working with our military-connected communities goes through culture competency training to familiarize themselves with things such as common misconceptions about the military, challenges experienced during the military transition process, military lingo, mental health first aid for veterans, and much more.

Often our network community partners are veterans or military-connected themselves, so they understand the stress and challenges associated with military life that includes having to move frequently. In fact, my family and I recently moved from one duty station to another. As I shared my family’s personal experience with some of our partners, they empathized with our having to find a new house, enroll the children in a new school, create ways for the kids to make new friends in a new city, secure a new doctor for each person in the family, and navigate finding the nearest grocery store. (I’m fortunate that I work remotely, and don’t have the added stress of securing new employment each time we move, which I know is a hardship many military spouses experience.) It’s comforting to work with team members at Unite Us and partners within our communities that understand military culture and can relate to these experiences personally—because they lived through them as well.

Unite Us is proud to include several veterans on our team, people who first selflessly served their country and have now chosen to work for a company dedicated to strengthening communities and improving public health—for veterans and for all people.

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