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A Long-Term Recovery Solution in a Public Health Crisis


Our hearts go out to all those who’ve been affected by COVID-19. We are proud to support our partners working in health and social care, and commend our networks for providing visibility into services and outcomes delivered across sectors. Unite Us is here for anyone who’d like our help.

Now, more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of our mission to connect people to the care they need, working hand-in-hand with community partners to address the social determinants of health. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live a healthy life, but crises like these often shine a light on the basic necessities that many people lack.

It’s time to build public health infrastructure that proves when people receive the services that they need, in the most efficient and outcomes-focused way.

Watch and listen as Unite Us President, Taylor Justice, explains the importance of creating a common infrastructure connecting health, human, and social service organizations.

The current public health crisis confirms what we’ve always known at Unite Us; the only way to ensure that people don’t fall through the cracks is by connecting providers across sectors and identifying gaps in services and where improvements must be made. Unite Us has a renewed energy to forge ahead, helping networks rapidly respond to their communities, improve service delivery and equitably distribute much-needed resources.

As a network partner in Virginia recently shared, “There is an energy here not seen before among partners, mainly because Unite Us is designed for this very type of situation.”

Join us to build a solution for today, tomorrow, and the future:

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Unite Us is the nation’s leading software company bringing sectors together to improve the health and well-being of communities. We drive the collaboration to identify, deliver, and pay for services that impact whole-person health. Through Unite Us’ national network and software, community-based organizations, government agencies, and healthcare organizations are all connected to better collaborate to meet the needs of the individuals in their communities.

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